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SanSoft InfoTech was founded in 2006 by Mr. Sanjay Thavi having over 15 Yrs of first hand experience in Design, Development & Implementation of business applications for hundreds of clients from various type industries such as Exports, Chemicals, Bulk Drugs & Fine Chemicals, R&T, HVAC, Courrier, CHA. on various technologies, right from COBOL on Unix, dBaseIII, Clipper, Foxbase, Foxpro, VB6 to ASP.NET & SQL Server. We are into Development of ERP, CRM, Payroll and HR Management systems, Service & AMC Management System. Our motto is to provide end to end solutions to our clients by providing Enterprise wide business Application. Thereby saving lot of time and money for the company. All our solutions are developed in-house, so we are not dependent on third party vendors. Naturally we have access to entire source code and there are no bottlenecks of any kind. So our development & Implementation processes are guaranteed & fastest in the industry. We discourage customers from using multiple applications for different function which are unable to communicate with each other. We have simple payment structure suitable for every type of budget. Which makes sure, that there will not be a budget constraint on implementation of information system of a business house. Every Customer is provided with same quality of Products & Services which can match 100% with their requirements irrespective of their budget allocations. Our customers can rely on us as their Trusted IT Partner. Our efforts are to make our products affordable to company of any size may be a startup or a century old company spread over different cities or even continents so that we can help companies to grow faster by taking advantage of these wonderful latest technologies which, till now were affordable only to very big corporates. So that there will be no need to change the systems and software as the company evolve from a small business in to a big corporate. Thus you can save lot of money, energy and time which can be utilized in better way in your core business. We also provide Web designing, Web Hosting, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & email Hosting solutions at most competitive prices. Our Applications are developed in & MS SQL Server which gives stability and needs less maintenance so have lower cost of ownership as compared to Desktop Applications or resource consuming Oper Source applications. Please feel free to Contact us by Phone/SMS/email for any information you need and not available on this site.

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15 Surekha, Arya Prasth
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